Season 7 Episode 3: Our findings will SHOCK you

We hope you’re sitting down, because information contained within this podcast will stun you, shock you, straight up rock you. Or you may just raise an eyebrow in a state of minimal surprise… either way that’s cool.

In the latest episode:

  • Adam has a showdown in a parking garage and Jarrod delivers a stirring speech
  • Newsmakers has the biggest stories from around the globe, A drone crash and a hungry badger
  • On This Day features a daring robbery, a flaming waterway and Adam Sandler
  • Baker’s Bedtime Story is a regal tale of love, set in a mysterious time period.
  • The search for Wellington’s Burgeriest Burger brings Adam & Jarrod to Burger Liquor
  • The Voice Actor’s Studio Quiz has Adam reigning supreme as the paper scissors rock champ, Jarrod con jours up a masterful impression.
  • The Experiments tries to dispel a widely already dispelled myth, and Adam looks into the psyche of Radiohead fans

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