Season 7 Episode 4: A Harmful Digital Communication

In defiance of recently passed legislation we bring you another scintillating episode of Baker & Wright, jam-packed with two men talking at each other for about an hour.

In this edition:

  • Jarrod solicits dick pics from you, our listening audience;
  • Adam makes a confession;
  • Newsmakers features ad comparisons, abuse of the postal system, another 80s movie sequel, and animals eating stuff;
  • Jarrod faces another tough questioning in On This Day;
  • Baker’s Bedtime Story makes the jump to hyperspace;
  • The Voice Actor’s Studio Quiz features some impressions that we’re not sure are actually impressions;
  • The Hunt for Wellington’s Burgeriest Burger takes Adam & Jarrod to Ekim’s; and
  • The Experiments makes a welcome return to the realm of the physical sciences.

We hope you enjoy it.

[audio https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/0ahv6c73cpmfu8b/BakerandWrightS07E04.m4a]



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